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Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Pokemon Advanced Adventure
Pokemon Advanced Adventure
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Pokemon Leaf Green
Your family is the poorest family in town. Because of this reason, you are not happy and don’t have any friends. You feel inferior but deep inside your soul is a strong dream that you will be a true Pokemon Trainer. Near your house, there is a Lab of the Pokemon Professor. One day, he knows your dream and wants to give a special gift. That is your first Pokemon to help you chase your dream. You are grateful to him.

You decide to start your amazing adventure right now. Also, his grandson will be your rival. Both of you have to collect all Badges from 8 GYM Leaders before you have chances to face with Elite Four and the present Champion. This is expected to be difficult but also very fun.

Now let’s start Pokemon Advanced Adventure.


Interesting Main Game Synopsis and After-Game Synopsis
Completely New Region
Pokemon From The Latest Generations
All Pokemon Are Catchable
No Trade Evolutions
Starter Custom Moveset
No Longer Using HM and All TMs Are Obtainable
New Sprites and Tiles

Pokemon Advanced Adventure
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