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Pokemon DR

Pokemon DR
Name: Pokemon DR
Remake From: Pokemon FireRed
Remake by: MrTien Duc (Pokemoner.com)
Source by Pokemoner.com
Diamond/Platinum travel in Kanto with your rival. But, Rocket Team came back and you must won us agian. You can battle with Red, and join in Kanto cup and new event.

*New Pokedex: 241 *New Main, Rival *Some New music *New move *New item: Ice Stone, Trade Dv…etc *New evolution: Eevee -Leaf stone->Leafeon Eevee -Ice Stone->Glaceon Eevee
-Sun Stone->Espeon Eevee -Moon Stone->Umbreon Change trade evoluton into held Trade dv Change trade evolution held item into held item

Pokemon DR

Download Pokemon DR v1.02 Completed

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