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Pokemon Mega Power

Pokemon Mega Power
Name: Pokemon Mega Power
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: 1158.
Source: Click here!

Neil/Tyra, a gifted scientist of Ivara Region, is trying to create a powerful Pokemon called Mewtwo. Neil/Tyra did it. However, this is not enough for Neil/Tyra. Because he/she want to make Mewtwo stronger. He/she want to turn it into a Pokemon which can mega evolve without ordinary mega stones, but unluckily, he/she has no money to keep it up. When he/she thinks that he/she has to give it up, a man called Kasper showed up. This man is a businessman, what's more, he is the leader of Team Delta, a mysterious organization of Ivara Region. He said that he can help Neil/Tyra to finish his/her experiment. Neil/Tyra has no choice, he/she joins Team Delta. However, he/she is still wondering, why did Kasper help him/her? Should he/she trust this man?
New regions(Ivara, Lande, Sevii Islands), new gyms(Of course)
All mega evolutions
Some 4th gen, 5th gen, 6th gen and 7th gen Pokemon
Some new tiles(Maybe a bit rough,it's not easy to draw them...)

The berry blenders are broken.
Some trainers doesn't know how to use items properly.

This hack is 100% completed. However, there are many things to be fixed.

Pokemon Mega Power

Cheat Codes/Walkthrough:
Pokemon Mega Power Walkthrough
Pokemon Mega Power Cheats Codes
Download Pokemon Mega Power Beta 5.59 Completed

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