Pokemon Looker

Pokemon Looker
Name: Pokemon Looker
Created by: Lucifer Morningstar (Destryer)
Source: Click here! or Click here!

The game starts with you choosing your starter Pokemon from Prof. Oak.
Then you start your training to become an international Police officer, you'll need to collect all the gym badges in the Kanto Region and then beat the elite four and champion, then you need to confront Giovanni and bring the Team Rocket operation down.
After that you travel to other regions to investigate some criminals.


Two Regions (Kanto and another region that still doesn't exist)
Two starters (Growlithe & Croagunk)
New storyline
No rival
Pokemon from Gen-1 to Gen-5 (I'll add Gen-6 later)
8 gyms

BETA 2 ends after you beat Lt. Surge.

Pokemon Looker

Download Pokemon Looker Beta 2.5
Pokemon Looker
4/ 5

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