Pokemon 2 Awesome

Pokemon 2 Awesome
Name: Pokemon 2 Awesome
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: hinkage
You are the typical Trainer, who wants to beat the 4 Gyms of the Empire region, while constantly beating your extremely salty and HUGE douchebag of a rival, who goes by the name of Fatal.

Along the way, you see/hear about Pokemon being murdered. You don't know who is doing it, and you don't care. It just so happens that you and the "bad people" cross paths. (I mean, you're a kid. What kid says "Oh! I think I'll stop an evil syndicate today!")

And as you beat the Gyms, more and more problems arise, and you see how people are starting to get really scared, while civilians know nothing about what the army is trying to hide. (No, it's not meant to be a political game. At all. But that's what they're doing, essentially, is covering up past ideas.)


-All new storyline
-All new scripts/events
-All new maps
-Some side events
-All new Gyms
-All new Gym Leaders/Elite 4
-All new random NPCs/Trainers

Pokemon 2 Awesome
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Pokemon 2 Awesome
4/ 5

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Stupid hack game

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Someone who couldn't think of a better title. Nuff said.