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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Name: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red version
Remake by: Aethestode
Source: Click here!
This game is based on the Pokémon Adventure/Special manga. The game follows the manga with added extras. The Kanto Region and Sevii Islands arc follow the manga closely while the storylines for the other regions are made up.

~Updated Graphics and Map~
~Playable Red, Green, Blue and Yellow~
~Character Customisation~
~Character Mugshot~
~Day and Night~
~Multiple Regions (+Alola Region)
~New Battleground~
~Following Pokemon~
~Brand New Pokemon~

~Additional Features~
Extra events and chapters.
New music.
Two rivals in the game.
The level cap was raised to 255.
New OWs for NPC.
New Trainer Sprites.
New scripts, events and secrets to discover.
D/P/P Fonts and Textbox.
Revamped Battle (Physical and Special Split).
Reusable TM.
New additional Pokemon Typing.
EV and IV stat check.
Much much much more waiting for you!
Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Battle Bond and Fusion.
Brand new items.
Much, much, much more waiting for you!

Beta 13 Part 2F: This beta officially ends after winning the Kanto Region’s Pokémon League.
If you were playing the previous Part 2 beta, you can continue your savefile. This patch contains a new little event.

Note: Several glitches that you’ve already experienced (e.g. getting a crappy low stat Nurse Chansey) wouldn’t be fixed. The glitch cleaner on cleans up the flag and fixes some several gamebreaking one.
Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Cheat codes:
Beta 11E Cheat Codes
Download POKEMON ADVENTURE RED Chapter Beta 13 Part 2F

Download POKEMON ADVENTURE RED Chapter Beta 13 Part 1 + Glitch Fixed 4st Jan 2018
Download POKEMON ADVENTURE RED Chapter Beta 11E

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