Pokemon Spinel

Pokemon Spinel
Name: Pokemon Spinel [Pc Game]
Create by: Bryan Meh

The game starts the day you turn old enough for your first Pokémon, but unfortunately you oversleep and are late to your meeting with the professor. So you leave home and struggle to catch up with the Professor and your rival, Nicholas, but when you finally catch up Nicholas is already gone to the next route, so the Professor gives you your Starter Pokémon and sends you onto route 15 to calm Nicholas down. As you continue to explore Allaros you slowly uncover the myths surrounding Xerneas and Yveltal, and find out why one man would want to destroy the Pokémon League....


8 new gyms in the Allaros Region​
Every Pokémon from Generation 1-6 with a few from Gen 7​
Black and White styled menus with mouse support​
Steady Difficulty Curve​
Pokémon Following the Trainer​
Pokémon Sun and Moon Style screen dimming when approaching a trainer​

Pokemon Spinel

Download Pokemon Spinel Demo 1.1

Pokemon League of Legends

Pokemon League of Legends
Name: Pokemon League of Legends
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: C me
Travel through Valoran as a young Summoner where you will discover the rich history of the region and interact with a diverse range of characters. Create your team of Champions to defeat the Gym Leaders of the region and help fight off the evil Noxians along the way. Then challenge the elite Summoners at the World Championships and gain the prestigious title of the Champion. But little do you know, a more sinister evil is at work to try to rule over Valoran...

You will like this if you like Pokemon, League or both.


All Champions up to Camille are obtainable.
Champion sprites are animated just like other sprites in Emerald.
All Champion Pokedex entries/cries/stats. - Cries are Champion voices and not just electronic noise.
Faint cries for every Champion - want to hear Yasuo die over and over, now you can.
Over 500 unique moves. - With new effects for ones not in vanilla Emerald.
75 new abilities - or 'passives' if you prefer
All areas of Valoran can be accessed. - If a Champion comes from there.
Immersive storyline
Fun Post-Game - Battle in the Fleshing Arena and similar places.
Physical/Special split - or physical/magic damage if you prefer
Fairy type
Black2/White2 Repel system - Great for long journeys in the Kumungu Jungle
No annoying Pokénav calls* - However, you can still rematch Summoners and Gym Leaders.
Items from the game - Poro Snax anyone?
No more need for HM's - There are items you can use instead.
New music - Music from League of Legends, some music slightly changed.
Decapitalisation** - Just like the newer Pokemon games.
Cool new tiles - Because they're not drawn by me.
New Battle Backgrounds - See the environment you're battling in.
New Trainer classes
35 Champion dolls - For those that like decorating their room/Secret Base.
Skins for some Champions - Fun customisation feature with strategic implications.
Meet and battle with famous LoL players and teams - Probably the only time you'll beat Faker.
Default text speed is Fast - No need to adjust your settings.
New text frames - Unlocked each time you earn a new badge, show off your diamond border with pride!
No dying from posion in the overworld - Makes Teemo slightly less annoying (slightly :p)

*You will still get scripted ones for events, there's only 3. I didn't get any calls in all my playthroughs, maybe I was lucky.

Pokémon League of Legends isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.

Red - Serious game breaking bugs.
- None!

Orange- Not gamebreaking per se but has an unintended interaction. I will fix at some point.
- Bad Eggs
- Don't talk to the flashing TV in Zaun, I've fixed this for the next patch.

Green - Minor things like tile errors/movement permission errors/typos.
- The Summoners names and texts in the battle frontier places haven't be decapitalised and sometimes their sprite won't match the trainer class. All battle frontier places uses the Fleshing Arena's battle background.
- The big dolls still show the old images in the shopping screen, they're the new ones when you see them in your secret base.
- The location of caves on the Pokedex is wrong, if a Champion is said to be found in the middle of nowhere then it's wrong. Likewise Void Champions are not found in the Shadow Isles like the Pokedex says.
- Ignore the Noxian crest before the Taric battle, it shouldn't be there. He isn't a Noxian.

Pokemon League of Legends

Download Pokemon League of Legends [Completed - Update 06/19/2017]

Grand Theft Pokemon

Grand Theft Pokemon
Name: Grand Theft Pokemon
Remake From: Pokemon Sapphiare
Remake by: Carl96
Ya que el calcio, proteínas, zinc, hierro, PS y PP se han convertido en items ilegales, se ha creado una ronda de venta ilegal y un tio llamado Super4 esta dispuestos a pagar el oro que sea para tener un poco de eso. [PLAYER] y Red está en posesión de una gran cantidad de estas mejoras y parten desde Hoenn juntos con un objetivo: hacerse ricos.w En su camino habrá muchas sorpresas, se enfrentará a las misiones en nombre de los corruptos y al mismo tiempo ser cualquiera de los entrenadores ,no llamar la atención, y por encima de todo tiene que escapar de su enemigo número 1: la policía!
Capacidad para robar Pokémon para las personas.
Capacidad Para robar objetos de las casas vacias (noche)
Nuevos Objetos
Puedes robar objetos de las tiendas Puedes andar en autos
Puedes robar autos

Bicicleta Rapida sustituida por un auto Ferrari y la Bicicleta Acrobati a por un camion
Caña de pescar sustituida por arma
Nuevos signos de admiración
Nuevos Scirpt que tienen sonido (que a menudo no sucede a menudo en los hacks)
Nuevos entrenadores
Nuevos Midis cuando aparece un Pokemon Salvaje
Midis Estilo HG/SS
Easter eggs escondidos en el juego
Grand Theft Pokemon Beta 1

Download Grand Theft Pokemon Beta 1

Pokemon Evil World

Pokemon Evil World
Name: Pokemon Evil World
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: ?????









[Google Translated]

Look at the bottom of the picture.

2: increase the ghost town map and mysterious day cave 2 big map. Well, there are always some interesting stories on the map. The The Specific study of their own bar. The The Hee hee hee.

3: increase the rare props of the plot, such as magic candy and master ball. Magic candy to be defeated Xiaozhi get.
Master of the ball to help Dr. Cave study to defeat a PM 30 can be obtained.

4: an increase of the fire rock team to grab the ball of the interesting story, mainly around the fire rock team want to use the master ball to capture the ancient animals to rule the world and Arsius want to destroy the plot of this world.

5: an increase of Chen Ji4 brother and sister business story, each businessman to sell some rare props, each salesperson in different places, where specific, their own to find. The The This is also one of the highlights of the game.

6: increase the number of trainers war script, such as small Chi Battle and Ruby from the tree plot of the plot.

7: with the dark charm of the map of the block. {Glamorous glamorous author agrees}

In fact, there are many stories without one by one introduced by the players themselves to study it The The

The next is some of the revised map.
Pokemon Dark Realm

Download Pokemon Evil World Beta 3.4