Pokemon Continental Distortion Z

Pokemon Continental Distortion Z
Name: Pokemon Continental Distortion Z
Create by: BlackStarStudios
Source - credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=9813882

You are a young Boy/Girl who has amnesia after a tragic accident years ago after defeating Team Flare. Some how you get caught up into a situation that could cause serious devistation to the Earth and all you friends can't tell you that you got amnesia for reasons unexplained(Your character doesn't know!). Who else to do it to with than the Team-Up of Team Neo Plasma and Team Rocket, who set out to catch the Legendary Pokemon in which this case mainly Zygarde. Zygarde has the the power to bring peace and chaos to planet Earth. Can you stop them before it's to late or will you join them to bring destruction to your home world?

This game is in early access. It's still in development and the current version may be buggy or incomplete. Follow along to watch it as it develops!

Pokemon Continental Distortion Z

Download Pokemon Continental Distortion Z 5.0 Demo

Pokemon Snowy White English Completed

Pokemon Snowy White English Completed
Name: Pokemon Snowy White English Completed
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Panda Face + MrTienDuc
Credit about Chinese Version: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=388751
English Version is made by MrTienDuc on Pokemoner.com with 70% English and 30%Chinese!

-Update to Pokemon USUM's all of Pokémon
-700+ Moves
-Proper Physical/Special Split
-100+ Abilities
-New/Updated Items
-Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion/Z move system
-Battle Frontier Updated
-New Repel System
-Level 1 Eggs
-New Battle Backgrounds
-Harder Difficulty

Eevee Evolution Method:
Eevee is at the beginning only
Fire Stone can make it evolve into Fire type
ThunderStone can make it evolve into Electricity type
Water Stone can make it evolve into Water type
Increase level with 220 friendship during the night can make it evolve into Dark type
Increase level with 220 friendship during the day can make it evolve into Psychic type
Increase level near with Moss Rock can make it evolve into Grass type
Increase level near with Ice Rock can make it evolve into Ice type
Increase level which learned a Fairy type move can make it evolve into Fairy type

Please notice
Before you take the airplane to the mountain, you have to get these 10 moves Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Rock Climb and Dig. And your team have to with these 10 moves. Because that mountain requires these. In additionally, you need take both mach and acro bicycle, because some of place requires it.

Bug Notes:
-The items will probably lost if you loss in the battle frontier
-803-807 Pokemon does not completed yet, because I haven't get proper icons yet

-This hack is testing, so it probably has some bugs to affect the story, if the players found. Please let me know, thanks.
-In additionally, I need to return the effect of Master Ball, because the Rom base has changed the Master Ball's effect. And I need to let the EXP can increase after caught a Pokemon, and make the EXP share update to Gen 6. But unfortunately, I still not figured out how to make that? If someone know, please tell me, thanks a lot.

Pokemon Snowy White English Completed

Download Pokemon Snowy White English Completed

Pokemon Tri-Master

Pokemon Gem Stone
Name: Pokemon Tri-Master
Create by: AngelsAdvent77
Source - credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=9813882
Have you ever wondered what it truly means to be a POKÉMON MASTER? If you’ve been a fan of the Pokémon franchise since the beginning, you’d know that the title of POKÉMON MASTER has NEVER been clearly defined. Well . . . . in this fan game, the title of POKÉMON MASTER has a CLEAR definition. So can you become a POKÉMON MASTER in this Pokémon game ? ? ?

The player starts off in PALLET TOWN just like the very original Pokémon games. However, it has been several years since both RED and ASH KETCHUM became Pokémon MASTERS! You make your way to the Pallet Town Pokémon Laboratory to find . . . . Professor PINE! It seems Professor OAK is out of town and so his colleague, PINE, is the one to give you your Starter Pokémon. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any of the traditional Starters, but has some decent choices. The player’s task is to conquer all three regions of KANTO, JOHTO, and HOENN to become a POKÉMON MASTER!!!

The Player enters the Pokémon world from a different world without Pokémon. The Player is told they are “The One” but what that means is not explained! The Player is also instructed to gather a certain number of other special trainers in preparation for an event that will affect the fate of the entire Pokémon world! In order to succeed in this goal, the Player is given a special “Gift” that allows them to peer into the memories of others.

During the player’s journey throughout the 3 regions, various criminal organizations (or “Teams”) will appear. It is up to the player to stop these teams with the help of various Pokémon characters from the Pokémon anime, game, and manga!

*The games takes place in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE of the Pokémon World. This means it is familiar/similar to the canon games in most, but not all ways. This is partially so I can blame it on that in case there are any inaccuracies/inconsistencies, lol***

**The game will be released in 3 parts, one Campaign for the regions of KANTO, JOHTO, and HOENN each.

KANTO Campaign Tasks:
• Catch Pokémon to build your Team of 6 (Pokémon from GEN I to GEN VI) (GEN VII Gift/Event Pokémon available)
• Earn all 8 Kanto Badges
• Challenge the Kanto Pokémon League (ALL NEW Elite 4 Roster along with a “NEW” Champion)
• Battle Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Plasma, and Team Galactic!
• Meet various NPC characters from the Pokémon games, anime, and manga!
• 2 RIVALs
• Finish the KANTO Region to earn the KANTO INSIGNIA and become a Pokémon CHAMPION !

JOHTO Campaign Tasks:
• NEW Fully Evolved Starters!!!
• Earn all 8 JOHTO Badges while being visited by the KANTO Gym Leaders!
o You DO NOT Earn SOME of the gym badges in the same traditional order
• As a KANTO Champion, the Player must now deal with the rising threat of all the criminal organizations!
• Challenge the JOHTO Pokémon League (1 NEW Elite 4 Member)
• Finish the JOHTO Region to earn the JOHTO INSIGNIA and become a Pokémon VETERAN!
• Criminal organizations . . . . . . JOINING FORCES?!?!?
• A NEW VILLAGE located at the very center of JOHTO!

• Poke Beans and Poke Puffs to lure certain Event wild Pokémon
• NEW Food Stores
• Food Items heal Pokémon and give them happiness
• Vending Machines in all Poké Marts
• ALL 18 Types of EEVEElutions
• HM Items
• Following Pokémon
• Alolan Flower item to Evolve into Alolan Evolutions
• MULTIPLE MEGA Evolutions per Battle (Starting in JOHTO)
• Z-Moves (Starting in HOENN)

The game starts off SLOW! What this essentially means is that you start off in KANTO as your regular-every day trainer (just check out what Starter choices you get!). This means that you won’t meet any “famous” characters until you earn more badges, experience, and a reputation for yourself. Things will pick up more as you progress through the game. This is especially the case when you venture into JOHTO where you participate in the Inter-Regional Pokémon League challenge (explained more in-game). You’ll play a larger role in helping various gym leaders deal with criminal organizations. Finally, upon entering HOENN, you will be pulled into a grand conflict that has all 3 Pokémon regions involved ! ! !

**The famous characters you meet at the beginning such as the KANTO Gym Leaders will have their over world sprites updated over time (ie. FRLG Sprites to HGSS Sprites). I did this to show the progression of time for the characters met earlier in the game**

***How the follower Pokémon sprites appear in the game during certain events is up to you (you can toggle them via CTRL). For example, this means that before going to the Poké Center, make sure your Pokémon is following you. Otherwise, it would appear that your follower is the only Pokémon not being taken care of. You’ll eventually figure out when it might be a good idea to have your Pokémon inside or outside its Pokéball***

***FAKEMON exist in the game but are EXTREMELY RARE. You may be able to find them on various Routes where they have a 1% Encounter Rate. Otherwise, a very select few are given as Event Gift Pokémon. No-one (besides SOME original NPCs) use FAKEMON. Thus, it’s absolutely possible to play the entire game with minimal involvement with FAKEMON***

***FAKEMON were mostly added to add in Pokémon with UNIQUE TYPE COMBINATIONS for which the official games still lack about 25 such combinations***

Pokemon Tri-Master

Download Pokemon Tri-Master JOHTO + KANTO CAMPAIGN

Pokemon Naranja English Completed Version

Pokemon Naranja English Completed Version
Name: Pokemon Naranja English Completed Version
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: Sergio and GraN
Source - credit: pokemoon.proboards.com/thread/258/pokemon-naranja-beta

This is one of the coolest Pokemon games, exploring the Orange Islands. Go on an adventure and meet Brock, Misty, Tracey, Ash, Prof Oak and many others just like in the anime series. Some trainers use Shiny Pokemons to battle and you can catch some too. After Beta 5, the modifier of this game made this now full version with many legendaries like Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Celebi etc added.

This rom is completed. Just about 70% english and 30% spanish.

This game is hacked by Sergio and GraN. and you downloaded from Pokemoner.com. If you want to share this game, you should share with dl.pokemoner.com or pokemoner.com. If you want to upload this. remember to write this game is hacked by Sergio and GraN. thank you!

Pokemon Naranja English Completed Version

Download Pokemon Naranja English Completed Version