Pokemon Kanto Black

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Pokemon Kanto Black
Pokemon Kanto Black
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by:
Mystery Man
A world of only 5th and 6th generation Pokemon, the only exception being Eevee. The 5th generation Pokemon are all in Kanto while the 6th generation Pokemon are all in the Sevii islands.
• Many, many move tutor moves. There are probably more move tutor moves than TMs in this hack. They're intended to open up more strategies.
• Difficulty rating system. What it does is rate your difficulty according to the settings you have picked. The settings you can toggle are: bosses with EVs and boss strategy levels. For now, it only encompasses bosses, but it is intended to be more expansive in the future.
• In addition to the physical/special split, new generation moves, abilities, and battle items.
• Sevii Islands! This time, you could visit them after defeating Lt. Surge! They contain the 6th generation Pokemon.
• Battle facilities! I'll just say this: talk to the grunt in Celadon Mansion. The other battle facilitity you'll find by unlocking Seven Island.
• Mini-games. Go to the Two Island Game Corner to play them. Later on, you'll be able to use them to EV train quickly.
• Working VS Seeker. This time, it charges instantly, so no need to take 100 steps for each battle.
• More, of course. You'll need to play through the hack to discover everything it has to offer.

In addition to changes in levels, some bosses specialize in different types. Specifications:

Boss – Strongest Pokémon Level – Type
Gym Leaders:
Brock – 12 - Rock
Misty – 20 – Ice (switched with Lorelei)
Lt. Surge – 25 – Electric
Sevii Islands quest #1 can be completed.
Erika – 34 – Grass
Koga – 43 - Bug (hardly any Poison types in generation 5)
Sabrina – 50 – Psychic
Sevii Islands quest #2 can be completed (retrieving one of the stones). Completing this will unlock the rest of the islands.
Blaine – 55 - Normal (Agatha specializes in Fire due to the type having more difficult Pokémon to deal with)
Giovanni – 58 - Dark (due to a lack of Ground types)

Elite Four:
Lorelei – 63 - Water, Ice (more Water-type Pokémon than Ice-type Pokémon)
Bruno – 64 - Steel, Fighting (if Fighting, team would be identical to Marshal’s)
Agatha – 65 - Fire, Ghost (if Ghost, team would be identical to Shauntal’s)
Lance – 66 - Dragon
Champion – 68

Sevii Islands quest #3, retrieving the last gem, can be completed. This unlocks Seven Island.

Elite Four Rematch:
Lorelei – 72
Bruno – 73
Agatha – 74
Lance – 75
Champion – 78

All battle facility trainers have fully EV trained. These levels are taken from the normal difficulty. Challenge and omega mode have slightly higher levels towards the end (difference: +2).

This game is more linear than the original Firered. There will be obstructions blocking your path until you defeat the accessible gym leader at the particular point you are at. Consequently, Surf cannot be used in the overworld until after you defeat Sabrina.
• Most alternate forms are in, not all.
• All Pokémon with 600 BSTs can be used in the battle facilities. This means that Genesect, Meloetta, Keldeo, and Victini are allowed, all of which are banned in the main games.
• Secret Power has been changed to deal special damage rather than physical.
• A second stone merchant can be found in front of the gym in Saffron City. He sells the remaining evolutionary stones, plus the Trade Stone for Pokémon that normally evolve by trade.
• An elderly woman in Route 23's trainer house will give you the Reveal Glass if you have Tornadus, Thundurus, or Landorus in your team.
• Normal mode has a bigger focus on matching generation 1 counterparts, so to speak. Challenge mode bosses have a more strategic focus. Omega mode bosses all have 6 Pokemon and more difficult strategies than challenge mode.

List of Move Tutors:
• Universal tutors can teach every Pokémon except Egg and Tynamo the move they have to offer.
• Type tutors teach Pokémon of the type they specify in addition to a few others.
• Tutor 1 – route before Vermilion City.
• Tutor 2 -- route south of Fuchsia City.
• Tutor 3 -- Four Island
• The other tutors are in the battle facilities.
• Move Reminder – Two Island (must have Secret Key because Pokemon can learn their best moves via this method)
• Ultimate Move Tutor – Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, & Frenzy Plant – Two Island

Some legendary Pokémon locations:
• *Roaming Pokémon on routes 12, 13, 14, and 17 when it’s raining with thunderstorms.
• *Roaming Pokémon on routes 19 and 21 when it’s raining with thunderstorms.
• Portal in Unknown Dungeon 2F. Must have Tornados and Thundurus in your party.
• Portal in Unknown Dungeon 2F. Must have Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion in your party.
• Portal in Unknown Dungeon 2F. Must have Reshiram and Zekrom in your party.
• Many in Navel Rock. See Prof. Oak aid in Rush Tower when you have 60 Pokemon registered as caught.
• One in Birth Island (you get the ticket by winning a mini-game in Two Island)
• Mt. Ember
• Lost Cave
• Altering Cave (yes, the puzzle is solvable without referencing braille.)
• Tanoby Chambers
*Do not search for them in the wild grass. Their overworld sprites generate when it rains in the routes specified. They will appear after you have obtained the 6th badge.

Changes from 2.01 to 2.02
- Changed Omega Erika's strategy a little bit to make her more difficult.
- Frost Breath details should appear now when you select it in the multichoice prompted by the Red Shard tutor.
- Keldeo learns Aura Sphere via move relearner for once I can add Secret Sword.
- Along with Cinnabar Mansion, Deino can also be found in Route 23.
- Serperior's second ability is now Defiant instead of Shed Skin. Should be fun when used in conjunction with Dragon Dance via move relearner.
- Raised Watchog's defenses.
- Woobat, if it has not evolved through happiness, will evolve at Lv. 25.
- The Scraggy line can have Moxie again. Hooray!
- Furfrou learns Wish instead of Recover to make it more in line with Pokemon of similar species.
- Emolga's second ability is now Prankster.
- TM compatbility fixes for: Gothita line, Archen line, Sigilyph, Tirtouga line, Boldore and Gigalith.
- The Reveal Glass should work correctly now, but I'm not too certain. Please let me know how it is working now if you have immediate access to it. Also, REVERT YOUR -ORUS TO THEIR INCARNATE FORME BEFORE SWITCHING TO THIS PATCH! OTHERWISE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SWITCH IT BACK!
- Lucre Tour will temporarily cost 5000 Pokeyen for until I fully explore the script. In my immediate tests, it worked fine, but I have received several reports of it not working. If you play the game, please save before playing.

Pokemon Kanto Black


Nameless FireRed Project

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Nameless FireRed Project
Nameless FireRed Project
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by:

- Physical/Special Split which is essentially a requirement nowadays, right?
- Gen IV - VI Attacks, Abilities, and Items (thank MrDollSteak for almost all of these)
- Mega Evolutions
- Removed those badge stat boosts because they aren’t at all fair

- Expanded dex, every non-legendary Pokemon obtainable in some way
- Proper forms for Pokemon like Kyurem, Arceus, Burmy, and even Unown
- Hidden abilities along with a conscientious distribution of crazy ones like Ninetales’
- ORAS level-up movesets, except for non-existent moves
- 120 TMs

- Added Pokemon generation methods saves Kanto from feeling crowded - Hidden Grottos, pedometer-based Honey Trees, Swarms
- Field effects for abilities such as Synchronize, Magnet Pull, Cute Charm, Compound Eyes, Flame Body, and the other abilities that you don’t care about yet I added for completeness sake
- Dynamic dex areas to indicate swarms, roaming, and other stuff
- For lack of a better description, “wild triggers” such as babies automagically have 3 perfect IV
- Updated non-berry oriented Pickup table
- A very cheap phone system - I haven’t decided how I want to handle this yet, so it currently exists only for the essentials

- Two Day-cares (and I don’t mean that dude south of Cerulean City)
- “Phone” notifications when the Day-Care Man finds an egg
- Destiny Knot, Power items, 100% Everstone, 80% slotted ability inheritance, pokeball inheritance, and all those other future gen niceties
- Move tutors & TMs can both be inherited from either parent; this is mostly because many of the better TMs and tutors cannot be accessed until the late game
- Lamarckism

- Use TMs an infinite number of times
- Minor trolling (you may not even notice)
- Gigantic pockets
- Oval Charm, Shiny Charm
- Shiny rates match the (presumed) Gen VI rate
- You are not required to grind to beat the game
- You cannot run indoors
- Random words in the game ARE CapITALIZED. They add CHARACTER to NPCs. They’re 100% intentional, but tell me if you find them :D
Nameless FireRed Project

Cheat Codes:

Pokemon Grape

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Pokemon Grape
Pokemon Grape
Remake From:
Pokemon Red
Remake by:
This is a hack ROM based on Pokemon Red (USA), the author is 80C, this is his first hack ROM.
Pokemon Grape's development began in 2012, it had 3 Demo releases, Demo 1 and Demo 2 were released during 2013 while Demo 3 was released on Christmas 2014.
Each Demo release featured huge differences and improvements.

This is a Total Overhaul hack that changed drastically the original game almost beyond recognition and it features advanced Assembly Features - most of them have been implemented for the first time in a Gen1 Hack ROM like Physical-Special split attack, new evolution methods etc etc etc.
Later Gen1 hacks were influenced by this hack as their authors affirmed in various occasions.

Many events of the game are similar to the events that occur in Pokemon red (although in a different order) but those similarities will be explained later in the game's storyline.
The hack is pretty hard, especially at the beginning of the game, and the gameplay experience offers way more hours of gameplay than the original Red Version.

This is the last hack that has been realized with obsolete methods like hex editing etc.
Many fans considered this hack the "spiritual successor" of Gen1 hacks like Pokemon Brown and Pokemon Team Rocket Edition.

Actually Pokemon Grape is widely considered by both critics and fans around the world one of the best Gen1 hack ever made, it won several prizes during these years, the last Demo received critical acclaim.

The hack is about to be ended but there are still a lot of details to be adjusted for the Final v1.0.

Frejo, 1999
There's a controversy regarding the ownership of the Pokemon League Zone between the Leaders of two distant Regions, the Region of Frejo and the Region of Kelgo, and these two regions are about to declare war to each other.
Fortunately, the two Leaders agree on starting a Competition for deciding the ultimate ownership of the Pokemon League, each one of them picks a rookie trainer as their contender.
The first contender that gains the 8 Badges of the Region of Frejo and successfully defeats the Elite4 and the League Champion will acquire the Pokemon League.
Unfortunately, before the competition can actually start, some bad guys, allegedly some surviving members of Team Rocket tha fled from Kanto, destroy the Pokemon Database of the Pokemon League and PokeDex data is now missing and it's a huge problem due to economic stuff we aren't supposed to comprehend.

So... the following day you're supposed to gain control of your Player Character, the Contender chosen by the Leadership of the Region of Kelgo, a sort-of famous teenager baseball player called Marquis but simply known as insert your favorite nickname here.
We don't know anything about him... details about his past life, relationship, daily activities et cetera will come up at any time during the adventure, but one thing is certain: he's not mute and he isn't supposed to look like the generic Pokemon Characters you use to imperson.

Actually there's also a psychopath teenager with suicidal tendencies called Paul, you can't rename him at the start of the game simply because he and Pokemon Anime's Paul are the same person, and he's the other contender, he's a Pokemon maniac and he doesn't think twice in letting his weakest pokemon die slowly after being injured... this awesome person is supposed to be your rival.

Also, there's an unknown Pokemon professor put at the last minute, for good measure, by the Pokemon League: Professor Iroquois Stanley Bek a.k.a. IS Bek, allegedly Samuel Oak's cousin.
This weird-looking professor is supposed to give the contenders an extra task: complete the Pokedex in order to restore the lost Pokemon Database data simply by collecting every Pokemon specie during their quest.
This is a task that you can either ignore or accomplish, in any case this will decide your ending (aka Good Ending vs Bad Ending).

The winner takes all.
But, seriously, is this supposed to be yet another Pokemon Red hack with the SAME background stuff like Evil Teams, powerful legendaries, secrets, unlockables, rivals and fat guys that love technology?
Why there's STILL Team Rocket behind this (this time without Giovanni)?
And who is "Kifflom" and its "Epsilon Program" and what it has to do with Team Rocket and all of this?
There's really a secret underground passage under Megan City's Museum?
Is this Hack ROM such good?
There are really OVER 240 Pokemon species??

Well, at this point I suggest you to find the answers by yourself by playing the game.

Demo 3.1 ends after you beat 7 GYMs, obtain 6 Badges and reach Silten City's Train Station, 60% of the Final Game


A completely new Region, Frejo, bigger and better than Kanto, you can travel along Frejo and in parts of other two regions, Kelgo and Altek;
Very Improved graphics, there are completely new devamped sprites for each pokemon species and very detailed tilesets;
Over 240 different Pokemon Species including Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos along with 2 new Fakemon;
10 Extra types: Steel, Dark, Fairy, Atom, Wood, Wind, Gas, Sound, Light and Bone!
70 extra new Moves, including moves that use the new types (at least 3 damage dealing moves for each new type);
Extra intro screens before the standard introduction.
Physical\Special Split attack - this has been the first gen 1 hack rom with such implementation;
New evolution methods adapted from further generation along with new methods of evolution - once again this has been the first gen1 hack rom with such implementation;
Custom OverWorlds in the Pokemon menu, one for each pokemon species - uses a different ASM routine from Pokemon Maize and T.R.E. 2;
Holdable Items - available in Final Version - once again this has been the first gen1 hack rom with such implementation;
Shiny Pokemon - available in Final Version;
EXP Bar like in Gen2+ - Thanks to Danny-E 33 for the original asm routine that I later fixed by myself since the original one was glitched.
Ice Sliding Mechanics from Gen2 Games;
Animated Waterfall mechanics like in Gen2 Games - once again me first!
Move Deleter (like in Gen2+ Games) - available in Final Version;
Dive Mechanics (working differently form Pokemon Maize) - available in Final Version;
Mining System (like in Gen4 Games) - available in Final Version;
Damage Counter during battles in Final Fantasy-fashion!
New Objects implemented, many of them have even new functions (like the Lighter), some of them are required for evolutions or in-game mechanics - me first once again (I wrote the tutorial that made this possible in other hacks);
Running Shoes System + Kart Boost x4 System- actually working differently from Pokemon Brown 2014 with a Different ASM - and it doesn't speed while surfing;
Kart instead of Bike;
More Fly-able, bike-able, dig-able and teleport-able ambients - me first once again;
Medical Kits systems: somewhere in Frejo you can use those lying bags to restore your Pokemon;
Traps of various nature in certain dungeons and other places;
Post-League quests;
Coloured and Shaded Text Font, during battles it isn't coloured - available in Final Version;
SideScrolling areas Legend Of Zelda-fashion, there are various sidescrollign areas of different ambients;
Secrets, Puzzles, Mysteries to solve and an Item-trading sequence Legend Of Zelda-fashion;
Compatibility with Gen1 and Gen2 games (somehow);
Nuzlocke-Mode System - available in Final Version;
The three legendary dogs running around the Region after a certain event - available in Final Version;
Mew under the truck at the Port, along with a custom event involving the truck - available in Final Version;
And more...


Minor bugs (don't affect gameplay\mechanics):
*Many Pokemon can learn X-Scissor even if they're not supposed to do so.
This will be fixed in the final release;
*Gen3 and Gen5 Pokemon don't have a MiniOW icon in the party pokemon.
The icons will be realized and put in the final version;
*3 Pokemon (gastly, Magnemite & Doduo) have glitched backpics.
This problem was already fixed for the Final release, I'm very sorry about that, add manually 499 compressed pics is really frustrating and boring...

*Sometimes Rustel City's music pitch changes slightly if you re-enter the area. I found this funny and I left it in the game. Yes, the song is "California Gurls" by Katie Perry and Snoop Dogg, thanks to AshAndMisty aka Red for the catchy tune;

Fixed Bugs originally present in Pokemon Red Version:
*Focus Energy and Dire Hit are no longer glitched
*No more glitchy east-coast tile that spawns weird wild pokemon (aka no MissingNo glitch);
*No Elixier\Ether glitch in case you raise PPs with a PP-Up;
*After using Transform the palette color will be corrected as soon as you either look at the party pokemon or wait a few turns;
*No Glitch City :P
*No Cycling Road Block skipping :P
*You can't anymore do fishing in the GYM statues;
*ALL moves have been updated up to Gen6 games, Blizzard has 30% of freezing chance like in the original japanese versions;
*Solved the so-called "Save Game Oversight" bug involving the Cycling Road;
*A lot of other minor fixes that actually I don't remember at the moment;

Pokemon Grape

Cheat Codes:

Pokemon Black Dark

15:33:00 0 Cmt
Pokemon Black Dark
Pokemon Black Dark
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by:

Hace muchos siglos, la gran región de Baradar estaba dividida en dos.
Cada territorio estaba gobernado por un clan. Unos deseaban la paz, el
equilibrio y la estabilidad entre las regiones, se le conocía como Clan Light,
y el otro deseaba el poder, las riquezas y gobernar sobre los demás.

Estos últimos eran conocidos como Clan Dark. Estos dos clanes estaban en
continuas disputas y enfrentamientos.
Durante mas de 300 años se continuaron los conflictos, los descendientes de los dos clanes continuaban enfrentándose, y los descendientes de los descendientes, etc... formando una cadena de odio y venganza con el paso de los años.

Ante tanta muerte y maldad, siete sabios guerreros que vivían en la Torre
Bástida, usaron su poder e invocaron al Dios Pokémon Rayquaza.
Rayquaza uso sus poderes divinos y encerró los 7 poderes de los elementos
dentro de siete medallas.
Dichas medallas fueron entregadas a los 7 sabios y las usaron para apoyar al Clan Light para conseguir la paz y acabar con el Clan Dark y con su dios
oscuro, Mewtwo.

Pocos meses después la guerra había terminado. El Clan Dark se había
extinguido, y el alma del dios Mewtwo fue encerrada en una estatua mediante una maldición, en lo mas alto de la Torre Bástida.

Los descendientes de los 7 sabios protegieron las medallas, y así se las fueron entregando a los siguientes. Al final, a los protectores de las medallas se les conoció como los 7 Guardianes.

Solo con el uso de las 7 medallas se podría traer de vuelta a Mewtwo, pero ya no quedaba nadie del Clan Dark que pudiese desear tal cosa. O eso creían...

El jefe del Clan Dark tubo un hijo antes de morir. Su nombre era Isaac, y ante su nacimiento se produjo una profecía:
"El descendiente del anterior jefe, restaurará el Clan Dark y con el paso del tiempo, su descendiente conseguirá las 7 medallas, y resucitará a Mewtwo."

Como dijo la profecía, Isaac, llevado por el odio y la venganza, restauro poco a poco su clan e intento hacerse con ellas, pero al ver que no lo consiguió, le dejo su cometido a su hijo, y su hijo, al no poder conseguirlas tampoco, a su descendiente, heredando la voluntad de Isaac durante 200 años. El nombre de Isaac fue recordado como el "restaurador del Clan".

En la actualidad, el Clan Dark paso a llamarse "Clan Black Dark", mas conocido como "Equipo Black", y su Jefe lleva a cabo la operación de derrotar a los Guardianes, conseguir las 7 medallas y devolverle la vida al Dios Mewtwo...

Novedades Beta 4~

Nuevo protagonista.
Nuevos scripts.
Nuevos y abundantes eventos extra, como algunas misiones secundarias y scripts ocultos.
Posibilidad de bucear, volar y navegar en barco (solo en momentos puntuales)
Más jugabilidad en los scripts.
Menos faltas de ortografía (sé que muchos lo agradecerán, aún asi alguna puede caer).
VS Bars.
Distintos temas de batalla en algunos combates especiales.
Cambio en el sprite de la T-card cuando lleváis el uniforme del equipo o el uniforme de poli.
Expansión del evento secundario de Enma.
Stats, movimientos por nivel y sprites de ALGUNOS pokémon (estilo BW) editados.
Evoluciones de los pokémon que evolucionaban por cable, cambiadas.
Nuevos objetos.
Dificultad mejorada (por ejemplo; los guardianes son ahora mas difíciles, y subir de nivel también lo será).
Gran cantidad de los eventos y scripts de la beta 3, mejorados y extendidos.
Nuevos personajes y enemigos.
Nuevos sprites de trainers insertados.
Varios minis renovados (aún se conservan varios minis estilo FR).
Y muchas, ¡muchas cosas más!
Pokemon Black Dark

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Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back

17:16:00 7 Cmt
Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back
Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back
Remake From:
Pokemon Ruby
Remake by:

You are a 13 year old boy/girl who's father owns a large company called EDGE Co. in the LUNOH REGION. One morning you father asks you to meet him at his office. There he asks you to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a POKéMON MASTER, because he never had the chance when he was younger. You accept and receive your very first POKéMON, and EEVEE!
And so your adventure begins! On the way you will meet many unique people, and face many challenges including the evil TEAM GENESIS who plan to release GIRATINA from the DISTORTION WORLD and use his power for world domination. Of course it's up you you to stop them, you are the protagonist after all.


-EEVEE as your starter
-EEVEE evolves to ESPEON and UMBREON with a SUNSTONE and MOONSTONE respectively
-All evolution stones can be purchased at the large mart in DRALLIA TOWN (where second gym is located)
-All POKéMON that evolved by trade evolve by MOONSTONE now.
-65 (well drawn ) fakemon
-11 gyms
-Run indoors
-New regions
-Fancy new tiles
-Fancy new story with twists and turns along the way
-Rock smash does 60 damage now, so it isn't completely useless


-GHOST's minisprite is glitchy. It seems to mess up many other minisprites if I fix it.
-The messed up tiles in MUERTON CITY are not a glitch, you can "fix" them yourself after you have the 8th gym badge
-Cities are black when looking at the worldmap anywhere other than the fly map
-Sometimes when you find an item in a trash can, a person nearby will disappear for a second. I have no idea why this happens


-The early game can be backtracky at times, I'm sorry for this. It gets better.
-Final gym (11th) has 4 leaders who you fight consecutively, the event begins when you walk up to them, so be prepared.
-The Elite 4 has levels ranging from lv55 to lv67, you should be fine if you're around lv60
Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back

Cheat Codes:

Pokemon X and Y (Fire Red)

15:33:00 0 Cmt
Pokemon X and Y (Fire Red)
Pokemon X and Y (Fire Red)
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by:
Pokemon X and Y (Fire Red) is 1 in Top 6 Pokemon have Mega 2015!
Pokemon X and Y (Fire Red)

Cheat Codes:

Pokemon Mirage Of Tales: A New Age Dawns

15:43:00 7 Cmt
Pokemon Mirage Of Tales: A New Age Dawns
Pokemon Mirage Of Tales: A New Age Dawns
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by:
Pokemon Mega Mirage Of Tales - A New Age Dawns
Remake by: AvaraMoon - add Mega Evolve in battle by Pokemoner.com

Mega Evolutions for Pokemon from Gens I and II
Rival, Gym and Elite 4 all use Mega Evolution
Explore the wonderful region of Avlar!
No more Badges! Badges have been replaced by Licenses which permit you to do certain things.
Gain the References of important people for your CV to build your fame.
Licenses for HM moves like SURF and FLY can be 'applied for' at Registry Offices scattered throughout Avlar.
NO "evil team" stuff... It's been done to death and for me my least favourite game aspect. Some people are good, some people are evil! You can choose who you associate with.
As well as Pokemon Centres and Marts, most towns now also have Community Centres!
The Elite 4 has been replaced with the mighty 9-round Avlar Championship Tournament.
The Gym Leader Challenge is still present, but it's completely OPTIONAL. You do not have to battle the Gym Leaders - think of it as a fame-building, training side-quest. Choosing not to battle them will not affect your storyline.
Pokemon that were previously only able to evolve through trading or through day/night now evolve in different ways.
PLENTY of small sidequests to keep you busy.

Beginning Story:

Set in the region of Avlar, the player's story is a sad one. You are an orphan and have had to pretty much bring yourself up over the years. Your rival is a bully who has picked on you for being poor all the way through Pokémon School. Finally, it's the day of your final exam, which will allow you to travel on adventures and finally become financially stable. Your teacher Avara (yep, me) sees the potential in you and you have always been top of the class, so she gives you a special job just before you take your exam. There's been a brand new Pokémon discovery and she wants you to look after this special new Pokémon and help her unfold its mystery! But as always, there will be obstacles in your path...

Career System

The main stand-out feature of this hack is that I tried to make it as close to real-life as possible - with Police, crime, corruption, Licenses, References etc. If you get offered to do two things but do one before the other, the results will differ because you'll be 'late' for the other one - just like real time. Geddit? The best part about this is that once you graduate from School, you can choose your own career! This means there is no real storyline per say; but rather several different storylines which all lead to the same fundamental events. Your own personal storyline will unfold depending on the choices you make! You can have up to three careers at a time - the only two you can't do at the same time are the last two listed here, as they're kind of in competition with each other.

Trainer Career
This is the default career you start off with once you graduate.
There are three ranks, Amateur, Professional and Master. You make money through battling. Amateurs are basically just School graduates who aren't too strong. The Professional License is given when you have won a certain amount of battles (technically speaking, it's the Rainbowbadge). The Master License means all Pokemon will obey you and enables you to enter the Avlar Championship Tournament.

Researcher Career
Two ranks, Basic and Master. While you're a Basic Researcher you get money, fame and rewards for filling a Pokedex or evolution. Master is awarded when the final mystery of the game is solved - the reward for this is a secret!

Seeker Career
A career introduced a little later than the two above, this one is solely based on fame, not money. Three ranks, Amateur, Professional and Master again. Seekers completely dedicate their lives to finding rare and Legendary Pokémon, and you progress depending on the Pokémon you bring to the boss. You can only become a Seeker if you're invited to join by the head of their secret society - the SFS.

Crime Career
As you can guess, becoming a member of Avlar's criminal Gang means you get to make innocent people's lives a misery - stealing Pokémon and items and getting to access the special currency of crime to buy illegally imported items and Pokémon. They also obviously go after rare and legendary Pokémon because they'd be worth so much, and will usually try to sabotage whatever the Seekers are up to. Amateur-level makes you just kind of like a Grunt, Pro means you get better missions and so on and so forth.

Note: Version 2.1 U2 fixed started Evolution!
Pokemon Mirage Of Tales: A New Age Dawns

Cheat Codes: